The Board

Mika Seitovirta – Chairman

Mika Seitovirta holds an M. Sc. in Economics. Seitovirta has previously held e.g. CEO positions in Outokumpu Oyj, Glaston Oyj and Hartwall. During his career he has gained experience in e.g. industrial investments and ramp-ups, various financing solutions and negotiations as well as implementing new business processes. He has also held Board positions of several companies.

Jan H. Akkerman – Member of the Board

Jan Akkerman is the founder of Ferrovan Oy. He has over 30 years’ experience in the exploration and mining business, including 19 years with the Billiton Group. His previous assignments include exploration, project development, mining operations and mine closure in 14 countries. Akkerman holds an M.Sc. in Geology from the University of Amsterdam and he is also the Managing Director and shareholder of Akkerman Exploration B.V.

Tapani Järvinen – Member of the Board

Tapani Järvinen holds an M. Sc. in Engineering and Lic. Sc. in Technology. Järvinen previously worked as Managing Director of Outotec Oyj and has held a series of executive and international roles within the Outokumpu Group. He holds several Board positions of listed companies.

Chaim (Poju) Zabludowicz – Member of the Board

Poju Zabludowicz is Chairman and CEO of the private investment group Tamares. Zabludowicz is a member of the Board for several Finnish and international companies and associations.

Pekka Erkkilä - Member of the Board

Pekka Erkkilä holds an M.Sc. degree in Engineering. He has more than 30 years of experience in stainless steel and mining industries having held various executive positions with the Outokumpu Group and the Outotec Group. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of Fennovoima Oy and the Board of Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers.

Tuomo Mäkelä - Member of the Board

Tuomo Mäkelä is owner and CEO of Escanor Oy, providing independent consulting for the mining and metallurgical industries. Tuomo graduated (M.Sc. Geology) from Oulu University and was employed by Outokumpu Group between 1975 and 2015 holding various management and corporate governance positions of mining, metals and engineering activities in Europe, North America and Latin America. He has held minerals exploration and mining company board positions of private and listed companies in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Luxembourg, Canada and Chile.